I love hot tea, books, and mint chocolate. Music inspires me and is always piping through my studio and home office. I love the ocean, snowy mountains, and sunlight streaming through windows. I speak fluent movie quote, and tend to sing when I’m happy. My tribe includes two amazing teenagers and the world’s best labrador. When I’m not working, I can be found cheering for my kids at a volleyball tournament or in the baseball stands.

I try to find the joy in every day, in all the ways that I can. I believe that every person’s most natural, radiant smile happens at the end of their laugh. During our session together there will be lots of laughter (and weird accents), and it is always my goal to make the experience of working with me one that is part of the memory you have when you look at your images in the years to come.

I want to help you see the beauty in the faces of the people you love most. I want to help you see the beauty that others see when they look at YOU. It comes from inside. Watching someone’s eyes light up when they see their images for the first time is one of my greatest joys.

Being able to spend my days doing this crazy, creative job is a blessing. I was gifted my first camera in college, and photography has truly become a passion. Life is a gift. Beauty is everywhere. Our stories are crafted in milestones, and in moments. Let’s capture those moments, those feelings, and those faces so that you can see and enjoy them every day.

P.S. Mom, Dad….exist in pictures. It is a gift to those that love you.


Certified Professional Photographer